Friday, 12 April 2013

Next tie dye skinny jeans and quilted biker jacket

I managed to get the pics in before the rain came down by the bucket loads. I snapped up these jeans in the next sale after seeing Gwen Stefani in some and then seeing Elle Macpherson in hers today I decided I would follow suit.

The quilted biker jacket is obviously the one that I am hankering after in my blog here and whilst I really like it, I don't love it. So I've tried it on for the blog with no I idea as yet as whether to keep it. It comes up big and the size 6 which I never would be normally is out of stock!

Today baby boy has joined in!

My outfit
Jacket- Next
Jeans- Next
Top- Primark
Boots- New Look
Necklace- Tiffany

Baby Boy
Denim Shirt - baby k @ mothercare
Tshirt - Next
Camouflage trousers - Next
Trainers- Nike

He couldnt resist a laugh at the floor pose! Cheeky... 


  1. I posted my lust for Elle this morning - I LOVE those jeans so so so much - guessing that if they were in the sale they're not available now ..

    Off to search for some - I NEED them

  2. Love the outfit! I'm a HUGE fan of tie dye jeans - I got the H&M ones last year and have worn them loads and loads. They were only about £15 as well. As I said I still love the detailing on that jacket. Considering there are loads of quilted jacket and loads of biker jackets around - I think this one manages to combine the best of both

  3. It's lovely Hollie - esp the jacket. I find biker jackets a bit masculine looking in leather so love this softer colour and fabric. Looking good girl - and your wee man is a DOTE! xx

    1. I thought it was a good compromise for spring summer for pretty much any outfit! He's my little prince! X

  4. I love the jacket also ... but the star of this post is definitely the little cool dude! What a sweetie :)

    1. He's a monkey at times, don't be taken in! But still very much mummy's boy!

      Looks like the jacket is a thumbs up!

  5. The biker is really nice but I think you would feel better in the size 6. But I'm with Avril - I'm better with soft biker jackets too (feel a bit butch in a leather one) or maybe I've just not found the right one yet for me.

    Little dude is a natural infront of the camera. So cute.

    1. Thanks sue. I returned it today, it just wasn't tight enough. However all is not lost, I have a replacement!

  6. Those jeans look fab on you Hollie x