Saturday, 20 April 2013

Leather mini skater skirt, sunglases and cake

First up what a beautiful day, could we really be on our way for spring/summer!?

For anyone that follows my tweets and my blogs you will know I like a bargain and I wore one today. My latest find comes in the form of my leather mini skater skirt, yes thats right leather not pleather. Where did I find it? 《Whispers》Oxfam! Yep thats right my charity shop finds continue, this time it was cut off levi shorts in the St Albans branch that lured me in. However they were soon forgotten when I saw the skirt on the mannequin- yes I did undress it. For £8 I'm a happy girl, especially when I've been eyeing up Topshop's version and that's not even real leather!

These skirts are seriously versatile and can go with anything from a plain T-Shirt like I wore today to blouses and jumpers. So they are perfect for S/S through to Winter.

T-Shirt- Topshop
Necklace- Primark
Skirt- Oxfam
Socks- Primark (love the frilly socks right now!)
Cardigan- Topshop
Scarf- Clothes show

My sunglasses are from Next last year but these are very similar from Next. You have to have at least one pair of funky glasses for sunny days and they need not break the bank either. Sometimes it's the glasses that make the look!

For those who are wondering what Topshop skirt I was eyeing up before my find you will only find it instore. But to show what a bargain i found and why it is so worthwhile checking some charity shops this Topshop real leather skirt is £95!

If you got this far (well done) and you are wondering where these photos were taken, its the most beautiful Waddesdon Manor. It's stunning and well worth a visit, especially as the National Trust have a free weekend! It has so much to see we will have to go back again a few times to really take it in. The French Market is on this weekend too with the most amazing food!


  1. I Love this look, the skirt is gorgeous!

    Bethany Paige ( X

  2. Loving this look on you Hollie. Oh to be twenty years younger so I could rock a leather mini! Fabulous bargain as well.

    1. Thanks sue! You could still rock leather, maybe go longer so you feel more comfortable?

  3. That looks fabulous. I'm with Sue ... oh to be younger ... I'd be wearing it in a flash!

  4. I had packed my leather mini away for next winter but am inspired! I love this necklace too, great Primark find:)

  5. Wow that was an amazing find Hollie, I usually can see nothing but tat!!

    1. I'm lucky that l have some good Charity shops near by! x