Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Print Harems

Wow what a change a few hours can make. After a beautiful start to the day, clear blue skies and the sun shining I decided to bring out a sunny pattern. Perhaps I scared the sun away to soon as no sooner than we were back from the school run the sky erupted with the "white stuff". Lovely. But at least I made it through the day! 

These Harems are often looked at from my wardrobe as I can often feel not quite right in them, I probably won't wear them til summer really kicks in now! I love the pattern as it reminds me of a dress I had as a child, so nostalgia won over big bum fear!

Don't get me wrong I really love harems, especially with a fab t-shirt and converse right now. I think it's just the heavy elasticated waist on these can make me self conscious on the mum tum situation. I do however seem to be the kind of girl who will go with whatever and decide whether I regret it later! 

I Kept warm on the neck with a snood however I couldn't decide which colour to go for. Actually it probably should read "who's" as my husbands won!


  1. I recognise those trousers! I bought them ...but then I returned them because I didn't have the guts to wear them. I really liked them though.

    They look good on you - much better than on me.

    And yes - the weather is unbelievable at the moment.

  2. Love these!! I have a thing for printed trousers - especially harems:)