Thursday, 14 March 2013

Primark spring/summer wish list

I make it no secret that I like a Primark bargain, whilst the quality may not be brilliant they are great for key pieces when money is tight. More often than not some clothes that I've gone for have come back in fashion the year after.

Below are some bits I've selected from the new season release that I will have my eyes open for.

-I like dresses. Especially like them teamed with converse.
-Dungarees- now this may look awful on me but the child in me doesn't care!
-Midi dresses are one of my fave looks right now. The Breton one is sure to last until it falls apart fashion wise.
-Boyfriend fit jackets, what is there not to love!?
-Printed harem style trousers are as you can see in my last post something that I love and this pair have a gorgeous graphic print to it.
-Printed skirt- this is very cute and will look great with a miss match t-shirt and ankle boots.
-The bag?  Because I still have a hang up on bags paticularly rucksack style, I love the idea of chucking it about not caring whether it's going to get grubby at the park.  Who cares if I'm no longer a teen at school on a foreign exchange!

Oh and just for fun I've added my own mugshot to some of the new items with clothes I already have. What can I say, I've finished my I ironing and have no work today!



  1. Some great stuff in primark at the mo Hollie. I so want those printed trousers, have you seen them in shops yet?

  2. They are gorgeous huh. Not seen them yet but eyes are peeled! I have a maxi dress which is almost identical print!