Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Primark midi, Topshop Biker Jacket And Converse

The sun well and truly had his hat on today, you will of course read this all over Twitter and Facebook without a doubt.
It meant only one thing....the legs were out of hibernation.

Topshop Biker Jacket
Primark midi dress
Next belt
Topshop socks
Next sunglasses

Hope you had a happy sunny Tuesday, as in true British style its not set to last!


  1. I saw the sun but I did not feel it. It was still pretty cold out there - I was lamenting over the fact that I did not have my thermal vest on today when I was out and about. Brrr.

    But you look damned good girl. And I love the little frills peeping out over the Converse.

  2. Gorgeous - I grabbed a couple of midis in Primark when I was back - not sure they'll look as good on me as they do on you but looking forward to baring my legs - it's not even been warm enough to do that here in Atlanta yet!

  3. Thanks girls. Come tomorrow I'm sure it will be back to single figure temps. Had to make the most of it! Sue it was 14deg here!

    Poppystyle was there anything you didn't take back home? Oh and don't talk rubbish you will Rock yours too

  4. So jealous of your weather we' ve had a little sunshine but its still v cold, so it'll be a while before my pins are out in the daytime! Looking great as usual Hollie!