Sunday, 24 March 2013

Monochrome- Next Netted Midi Skirt, Zara Sequins and Love

A rare night out for a mum and dad is a special thing. Especially so when you have the children cared for all night so no early wake up call. For us it was last night.

There's also something special about sharing someone's wedding memories. It's 7 years for us this year and we often reminisce of the fun we and others had when we are sharing someone else's day.

Normally I forget to sign the guest book but not last night, a few wines in me and I turned into the Oracle.

"You will have some very testing times ahead but remember that you have one another,  that's what will get you through.
Remember to say sorry and don't go to bed on a argument.
Enjoy and have a beautiful happy marriage"
A brilliant night with lots of laughs and the best bit is we are not hungover.

My outfit-
Skirt - Netted midi from
Top- Beautiful sequins from Zara
Necklace- Topshop
Earrings- Primark

My Husband's gorgeous shirt is from Next.


  1. You look so pretty. And happy - more importantly. And here's to another 7 years of happy marriage for you.

    1. Thankyou Sue. 7 year's and many more! Very happy.

  2. Oh you look gorgeous - I am always nervous of skirts of this length but it looks amazing on you.

    Hope you had a great night!


    1. Thankyou fiona, loving the midi lengths right now!
      Excellent night!

  3. Agree with Fiona, never worn as am a shorty but it looks lovely on you. Top is so cute also x

    1. Its quite a long top tucked in. Short... killer heels ladies ;) x

  4. Loving your skirt Hollie - a super pretty look.x