Monday, 11 March 2013

Next Maxi Skirt, Speckle loose T-Shirt and studded Boots

Next skirt
Topshop jacket
Primark speckle tshirt
Accessorize scarf
New Look boots

I decided to break out a maxi skirt on what's probably been the coldest day yet. brrr. However with long socks I was saved. 

I will be taking a closer look of the colours on offer of this Primark t-shirt as they are a great relaxed fit if you go up a size. I'm normally a 8-10 and I'm wearing a 12. There was quite a selection and I'm thinking white would be good....


  1. You look fab and the skirt is perfect for feeling a bit more glam in the cold even if you are hiding knee length socks or thermals underneath! Now wear did I leave my maxi....

    1. Thanks Franki! Long socks or shiny tights so the skirt doesn't "cling"!