Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New look S/S 13.

I' m a happy girl. Why? Because New Look have done good with the new seasons look book and I have a gift voucher screaming to be used. I'm not sure about anyone else, but recently I have found New Look to be a bit meh.

Admittedly some trends are remaining the same but with a face lift, but that's not a bad thing, it just means its easier to update your wardrobe!

Whilst not everything they have on offer is going to flatter my "three babies" body, there are some great bits to make a outfit your own. My favourite of the lot has to be the blue tapestry statement jacket that's wanting to jump off the screen and into my basket! 

Neon is here to stay for a bit longer, its a great way to complete any outfit or even make a basic outfit pop.

Shirts.... I love a good shirt and this little collection here cover most looks straight off, with the boyfriend check looking to be going nowhere fast. 

Broderie Anglaise is back which I am happy about as have a few items stored away ready!
Its even been vamped up with a peplum.


  1. Ditto with not being inspired much by them recently - apart from their jewellery - that is always fab. I usually look at their Limited Edition stuff on line as I like that it is 'Limited' !!x

  2. Yes good for bargain jewellery!
    These bits are much needed-stores were looking tired!? X

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    1. I've just deleted by accident! Didn't even get to read it!! That's the mans fault! Grr