Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Boyfriend Jeans, Heels and Zara Bucket Bag

I've been wanting to wear my heels and boyfriend jeans combination for a while and a meeting today meant I was going to go for it. The top I am wearing is a little find in a Keech Cottage charity shop, so worth a rummage sometimes.
After my meeting I took a quick detour to Zara and tried on a few bits that I liked, including a jacket that I had blogged about here. One thing that I realised when I left the house was I forgot my bright blue belt to match! 

Jacket- Topshop
Top- Keech Cottage Charity Store St Albans
Jeans- Replay Mens
Shoes- Dune
Scarf- Rubarb found here for a bargain £10
Necklace- Topshop
Bag- Zara Bucket Leather Bag

This picture is a tad out of focus but I am relying on Baby Girl No 1 to be photographer today!

Next up is the gorgeous tapestry jacket that I had blogged about and I really liked the bomber/kimono style and yes it's blue...

A lovely tapestry pair of jeans that I really liked, which is unusual for me as I can find the fit of Zara trousers not quite right on me.... 

....however the tapestry bit that I love so much meant there is no give in the denim....

So this happens.....

Yes that's right I am stuck! I had to wiggle bit by bit to get my gigantic foot out!

These tops were lovely and had I not been going on holiday next week I would have snapped them up. Both have such lovely detail to them.

Almost out the store and this one jumped out at me. A sweatshirt style and it's bright I will HAVE to return for that!


  1. The blue tiger one is really bright isn't it? Really eye catching and perfect for your style. And I love the white top with the blue black detail too - I've looked at that one a few times - might get round to trying it on next time I'm in a Zara.

    The top was a good find - I just never seem to make it in to any charity shops and yet everyone always seems to find so much good stuff in them. Liking the heels. I want to wear mine more but it seems a tad excessive on the school run :o(

    1. Yes jumper is bright and amazing! Def getting it but time against me!

      Yes heels on school run not great when this height! I was late too so was trying to run! Attractive-not lol.

      How about a lower heel?

    2. I have a lower heel pair but still feel a bit strange wearing heels at all in the playground. I'm sure it's mind over matter and when I started wearing heeled sandals last year, I'm pretty sure no one batted an eyelid. Mind you, I have some seen some strange outfits in the playground that I wish I hadn't.

    3. Oh dear! Yes summer does seem to make them more wearable