Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Topshop Geek in Uggs

Uggs may not be everyone's cup of tea but they have a purpose, warmth.  Whilst today has been sunny we have not escaped the dipping temperature, Luton has however escaped the snow!

So today is food shop and friends catch up over tea and cake day. I've doubled up on socks under my boots and have gone for layers and comfort.

I constantly question whether I can get away with this Topshop t-shirt seeing as my own daughter is set on the "Geek" look but I brought it before the words "Nerd" and "Dweeb" also popped up in every store going.  It irritates the hell out of me but when I grabbed this t-shirt I loved it, so I'm going to damn well get my wear out of it!

The sunlight makes it look stained with toothpaste!  It's clean honest!  Plain black River Island top underneath. 

My faithful favourite jeans of all time are Replay and like I said in a earlier blog are actually mens! Teamed with my super warm Room 31 Vila coat I'm all set for what mother nature thinks is a funny game of hot and cold! 


  1. Love this look - the jeans are fab!

  2. I wear my Uggs more than I should. I've been looking for a different kind of throw on boot for winter, but haven't found any that I like as much. Love the Geek t! I might have to go hunt for one!

  3. Thanks girls.

    Uggs win hands down on comfort. Perhaps not always style though.

    Martha topshop had this in burgundy too.