Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Topshop Grey Speckle T-Shirt Dress

Anyone would think I have a thing for grey Topshop items.... You wouldn't be far from the truth! For such a boring dull colour, I seem to have quite a love for it. It goes with so many different colours and looks, yellow and grey being my fave, it reminds me of a dolls buggy I had when I was small.

So today's outfit is.....

Dress- Topshop Grey Speckle T-Shirt Dress, mega comfy and looks just as great with boots or sandals. Like I said above this was purchased last year, however the design was so popular they have brought them in stores recently.

Shirt- The denim shirt was brought from Warehouse years back! Its probably about 6 years old now? Its sleeves roll up and its of a longish design so covers bloated tums well!

Necklace- I couldn't tell you where this is from, it was handed to me from my very own yummy mummy! I love how quirky it is! The elephant has no relevance to any part of my outfit but who cares! 

Coat- The Room31 bargain Vila coat is back out today, as -2 temps are not my friend!

On my feet!- Keeping the look dressed down is my much loved Converse. What don't these bad boys go with? Even Kirsten Stewart likes to rock them with ball gowns... I couldn't take it that far myself but you get the idea. Every girl needs a pair of converse!

I also wanted to share my biggest baby this morning, she has such a love for all things 'snoods' ever since her Auntie handed her one (the thin navy one shown below). She was thrilled when my Grandma hand knitted the latest one, she loves them both so much she wears them both to school!


  1. Now you are one hip trendy young momma. Now I'm feeling really old going through your blog. However, I do have the same Converse as you - yours are as clean as mine though I'm trying desperately to give them that worn in look.

    By the way, I think you needed your Doc Martens today! Love the dress and shirt combo - this is the sort I can never think of doing but it looks great (on you, not me - I know roughly what I can get away with) :o)

  2. Why thankyou Sue, I love your style too ;) Don't feel old! I look younger than I am..
    Epic fail on the converse yesterday in the snow and now they are not looking all that clean, so that's the answer wear them in snow and step in gunge that's been annoyingly pushed to the side of the road!

  3. Cool outfit especially the shirt! Thanks for taking the time to write about fashion outfits and sharing your own ideas.