Friday, 15 February 2013

Topshop and Nike choices....

Trainers. They are everywhere right now.
I need some. That is all.

Seriously though trainers have come through trumps recently and its now acceptable to achieve a look that isn't just about bragging having just stepped out of the gym a la Kim Kardashian. The thing is the choice of colour, design and brands is immense and I don't do choice well.

With my Converse I kept it simple-White vs Navy - Boot vs Shoe.

I know the look I want. The I've dressed nicely but I didn't try too hard look. I may have some gold in my outfit or a funky necklace, but I just casually threw on my trainers. (Not sure I own any gold clothing right now but you get the point)

I've been reliably informed by my husband that the Wedge style is a no go for me. He laughed and made that disgusted face whilst I tried a style on doing my best "I can make these look sexy to you" walk.

I broke a little inside of course, I thought they made my bum look great. When I showed him a amazing pair of ASH boots better than half price that made me want to lick my laptop screen, he "almost" liked them but put doubt in my head.

-They are Suede Hollie (so?!)
-Will you wear them when it starts getting warmer? (I would sweat it out)
-They are that price for a reason, something better is coming. (Yeah Yeah)
-Will they be 'out' of fashion next month? (ermmm)

Doubt-Oh how I hate doubt. It plagues most of my choices in life.

The pair of Trainers that I see myself in and have been hankering for are the Nike Blazers. I like the red, I don't know why as I have always disliked the colour red. However it seems to be slowly creeping its way in my wardrobe like poison ivy.

Will red go with most outfits though? I doubt it will but I can sure as hell give it a go!

Or do I forget the Nike Blazers and go for Nike Air Max? I so wanted to be down with the cool kids when I was a child and I had no idea that the money tree in my mums garden was not real. I was desperate to have some alongside those Adidas leggings that everyone was wearing (or so it felt like). Do I finally get my childhood wish instead? They could probably provide more comfort but do you put comfort over fashion?

Back with the doubt again. Damn it!


  1. So funny - I go through those choice dilemmas too. I can't make my mind up either and it's a practical head vs what I want to wear head. I wouldn't have had the problem if my new jeans hadn't transferred a little dye on to my Converse yesterday so now I'm thinking I need to go dark. Not considered red previously but I love navy, grey or dark forest green. But I'm loving the yellow ones up there too! Let's see what you come up with and I may follow suit.

    I have wedge trainers - I just learnt not to ask the other half for an opinion I didn't want to hear.

    1. The Forest Green is lovely Sue, I was checking them out AGAIN today! Yellow looks brilliant but think they may dirty to easily?

      My problem is I care to much on what the husband has to say!

  2. wouldnt bother with the wedges now ... get some nike blazers - they NEVER go out of fashion and you can literally wear them with ANYTHING.

    PS. I just bough suede chelsea boots... Matt doesnt know what he is talking about - remember when I first got army boots.. he was like they look like forset gump's boots. then when the whole high street followed trend he was all over them!!

    1. This made me giggle lol! I picked up and stroked some Blazers today. xxx