Thursday, 14 February 2013

Topshop ACDC

Today's outfit was on a promise to the lovely Fiona from Avenue 57. I had spied her trying a cardigan similar styling to the one that I am wearing today. So Fiona this ones for you!

I grabbed this ASOS beauty on eBay last year and I love it. Its a thin jersey material so its super comfy and its really lightweight. Sits slightly higher at the back and has a waterfall design going on at the front. Monochrome and stripes are not going anywhere just yet so I'm pretty happy I have this staple in my wardrobe. ASOS have a similar one online now...Just here!

The top I am wearing is also Topshop. Sleeveless vest style and I love it so much. I grabbed in the sale last year for £12 and I pair it up with a few things, sometimes wear it over a maxi dress. The necklace is my fave one right now its Topshop and a present from my sister for my birthday in December just gone.

The jeans and belt are also Topshop, anyone spotting a addiction here? Jeans are the Kristen design so slightly high waisted, great for holding in any mum tums! 

Time for a change on the coat front today and I've got my vintage Boxfresh parka on that I inherited from Mummy! The DM's have also come back out after I got caught out in yesterdays converse when it started to snow on the school run! Cold toes!

Have a lovely Valentines people!


  1. Great post!!

    Firstly, you have a natural, funky cool edge to you that I can only dream of.

    Secondly, yours is nice stripe and I think this is why it works .. mine was zebra stripe print 'something' and I was in a shop where the average age is 70!!

    I'm still not sure how I could have made this look edgy and work as you have ...

    Thanks for the mention - inspiring on any level is a good thing!!


  2. Oh Fiona that's really sweet of you thanks. The zebra 'something' would have looked great with say black top, bright neonish necklace? indigo skinnys and black ankle boots?
    Thanks for the comment!

    Hols x