Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Today we wore...

First of all I need to apologize for the awful quality of these photos! For those that didn't this blog I have been relegated down to a basic (touchscreen!!) phone until I decide on a upgrade...

Brodie is getting to the age now (3) where he has developed his sisters strong willed attitude. Now for the life of me I can't think where this has come from- honestly! Mornings have become a battle as he more often than not will have to 'OK' his outfits. Ahhh a lovely perk to the weekday morning rush! The weekends are not so bad as he pretty much wants to wear what daddy wears, so today to make things easier for me he chose his outfit himself. He's gone all Breton today after all when you are 3 you don't care for seasons anyway!

Isabella had to get in on the act today and of course she's just wearing her school uniform. DISCLAIMER- she also dressed herself, so I have not checked for any buttons done up wrong! (From the preview it appears today she has)
Top- Next
Chinos- H&M (he has many chinos, he prefers these to jeans/joggers and these wash pretty well!)
Belt- Ah another new thing of his.... He does love a good belt! This was passed on to us by a lovely friend from school and its become his favourite item.

As for Mummy, I am having a relaxed Boyfriend day. Not literally of course before you read in disgust! I love boyfriend jeans and I really can't wait for Spring/Summer to arrive so that I can really make the most of them with sandals etc.

Top- Super comfy Jack Wills long sleeve top which has a lovely detail to it, layered over a cheap Shoestring New Look vest. I have a few of these in various colours. They were so cheap and being a spaghetti strap style they are easy to layer and at £2.99 very cheap.
Jeans- My faithful boyfriend fit jeans from Topshop. These are the Andie design, super comfortable and look really great in summer too, when its really cold I can wear over a pair of tights...shhhh.
Scarf is a Primark special. Nothing special about it of course other than its very cheap!)
Then keeping me warm and dry is my super bargain Vila coat which I managed to snaffle with the help of the lovely Avril from School Gate Style Its waterproof and also down feather so lovely and warm. It was down to following her on facebook that I to grabbed it in the sale with a discount code from Room 31 (thanks Avril). Its really worth also following these guys on Facebook too as they put out great offers and competions.

Last up is my faithful Dr Martens. These are the first pair that I have owned and just before Christmas I had a real urge for some. My army style boots from River Island had just died when I found these in T.K.Maxx for a bargain £35! I snapped them up and I am so glad that I did as they really do keep your feet dry, warm (with socks of course) and best of all I don't fall over in the snow! I tend to keep the laces loose with baggier style jeans-because I like the the way they sit and its what I want to do!


  1. Thanks for featuring Room31 in your blog, lovely to see you featuring the whole family too! what a great idea
    Ruth - Room31

  2. Hi Ruth! Thanks and for the great buy too! Hollie

  3. Aw, looking lovely Hollie! I wore my Vila coat today also...and got a compliment on how lovely and neat it is - not big and bulky like so many of these coats. Thank you for the mention and omg - how cute are your two kids? Avril x

    1. Mine has been a blessing in the return of the snow! pah!! Aww thanks I have three, the eldest one was to busy doing her hair to be involved! xx

  4. Your kids are gorgeous, I have a nearly 20mo and already he's starting to get fussy with clothes and shoes especially, wonder who he takes that after?! I'm loving boyfriend jeans at the min too they're so comfortable!

  5. Soo comfortable, I love mine with converse too. Maybe its a thing with boys? Brodie is obsessed with his boots and shoes!

  6. I had that scarf! My friend just bought it off me as part of my scarf clearout. She has three drawers full and she says what's one more scarf to the collection?

    And oh my goodness - you are but a bairn.