Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Printed Jacket Quest

That's it I can't take it much more. Hard as I may try I can not get away from the fact that I have a burning desire for a printed jacket. First it was the lovely Susie from Susie So So and I drooled, then it was the lovely Does my bum look 40 looking ace in hers, then after missing out (Not next time girls!!) on a bloggers meet up I spied the lovely Beth's round up post from Style Guile. With my love of prints and quirkiness, I can't help but think a designer out there had one made just for me, a la Kate Moss. Ok well a girl can dream right?

I have a thing for Jackets and Coats (just take a peek to my past posts), perhaps its because in the UK we spend most of our time hiding under them! I need a printed jackets in my life and my Spring wardrobe. There is no two ways about it! Patience however is not my virtue! Why I sold my pansy print Topshop one I will never know, a total fail on my behalf.

The husband vaguely liked the Zara one that has stole mine and others heart, but I am sure like most men a few others that I have eyed up will get the "Curtain" comment. But what's not to love about the colourful prints that will jazz up any outfit. Even trainers would look ace with this look!

After discussing with my sister we came to the conclusion that I would want a bluey version so I could match it in with more and she's right. A blue jacket matches jeans straight off and if you go for one with a colourful print you can wear a t-shirt of pretty much any colour. Sorted.

Just one thing though, I don't have a designers budget. This half term has wiped me out on savings and our Cornwall holiday approaching next month means I can't really warrant a new jacket. So until then my biker jackets paired with scarves will make do (Sob). I am sure Primark will soon be hot on the quilted collar of the trend very soon but until then I will have my beady eye on what high street, eBay and maybe even what the charity shop has to offer. Convincing myself to be good and avoiding Zara's at all costs.

This Topshop £65 jacket is a beauty, I totally love the geo print which is different to some of the paisley prints you find all over the high street right now. Topshop has a pulling power of me, must resist, must resist...

                This Zara £59 jacket is a also different print so if flowers are not your thing fear not...

 If flowers are more your thing, then this Free People Jacket Reduced from £102 to £53 is a lovely girly option.

As is this Red Herring £49 which is also available in Red!

If the smaller cropped jacket isn't quite your thing and its too short then have a lookout for a longer printed jacket. With the weather not looking likely to heat up anytime soon they are probably a safer bet just now anyway and will be least likely to go unworn for a while.

Whilst I am distracted by the fact that this model seems to have two stilts as legs and no thighs to mention I like the jacket!

This Zara one below would be great for someone who like's the printed jackets but doesn't want anything too "in your face"!

You can see more pics on my Pinterest, enjoy. Before I spend my whole Sunday morning wasted on browsing jackets I will leave it there. I'm off to get dressed, muse over anything printed my wardrobe has on offer and mourn the loss of my Pansy jacket!


  1. They do look very funky, but I just know I couldn't get away with wearing one, especially the shorter styles. The Zara one you are talking about is gorgeous though

    1. Can I just say, I've just met Kat from Does My Bum look 40 in This and she is a very tall lady and she carries off the short jacket fabulously - I think you could do this - you have wonderful colouring and would love wonderful with just a pair of jeans and Converse to kick around in. Liven up the playground a little!

  2. The longer beige Zara one is AMAZING. Before reading this blog i hadn't even had the slightest thought about printed jackets, now i need that one!

  3. Oh no - I feel for you - mourning the loss of your Pansy jacket. I hate it when that happens. I've often wondered where my old Gap Boyfit jeans went - I need to check my sisters wardrobes.

    Some great picks there - the decisions, the decisions!

  4. Thanks girls..
    MOT I reckon you can pull one off easily! Like Sue said it perks up any dressed down/up outfit!
    Unknown- The long one is gorgeous! Glad I have inspired you!
    Sue- Kicking myself for it!