Wednesday, 6 February 2013

'THE' perfect fashion item..... oversized wool coats!

I read a article recently, I think it was in Red magazine (don't hold me to that!) and it was all about finding that perfect fashion item. It has to meet every requirement that you have yourself set at a pretty high standard. Its irritating right?Well thats me right now....'THE' perfect oversized/boyfriend/cocoon coat. It has to be oversized witout making me look like a drowned rat and it has to be wool ( I don't want to suffer in the cold after all) and its got to be the right colour thats going to match everything! My 'online' search has been difficult as I have ooohed over lovely bright red coats, hmmm'd over charcoal tones and gone cross eyed looking at different tweeds! Don't even get me started with pinterest!In a bid to be original and not wanting to spend a small fortune I have started a 'instore' search in a local charity shop. One coat came pretty close was just 'too' oversized but I'm inspired to continue the search! Whether I will find said coat before spring arrives I am not sure. But when I start on a project like this (yes I am going to call it a project!) I am like a dog with a bone!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest! Gorgeousness!!

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