Sunday, 10 February 2013

Technophobe, Blouses and Bangles

Technology has been against me today. iPhone gone(sob), then the Blackberry broke(grr) oh and then my laptop finally died. With a back up laptop finally retrieved from the loft, I set to work with that but to know avail. Internet Explorer had other ideas and by that point I had steam coming out my eye sockets let alone my ears! Hours later it finally works and it was as simple as setting the clock....its not July 2005 after all. Thankfully Apple came to the rescue on my sisters broken iPhone (thinking that my family don't do 'tech' well) and she came to my rescue with her 'old school' HTC Hero "Hero what?" I hear you ask! Yes I was unsure at first too. A upgrade is my next dilema, but I will save that for another blog!

So anyway here we are, minus some photos of the actual blouse as they didn't transfer and I cleared the the phone! Damn!

 I have already mentioned my bargain blouse that I bought in The Keech charity shop alongside my new oversize wool coat on this blog here here and here For £3.50 it was a bargain... I am still contemplating whether to stud or diamante it or even collar cuff it, I'm not sure yet! But yesterday I layered it under a oversized jumper I grabbed off eBay for £3 (New Look) with some Skinny Jeans (French Connection) and a couple of accessories. The one picture that I really wanted to show you remains on the laptop that's died a death so look out for a update if I manage to use my camera on my HTC Hero. Hide those smug grins please.
I also wanted to open your eyes to Chloe James in St. Albans. They sell a wonderfull mix of brands for home and fashion and fear not, if you are not local you can find them online! I love my gorgeous Silver Dance Bangle
Also lookout for a version of my cute necklace, mine was purchased instore at £19.50 but there are only a few left so you would need to grab one quick. For those of you who like a timeless designer item of jewellery you can find Katie Mullallys Wishbone Necklace online.

Look out for the Winter Sale that they currently have on. I have my eye on this bargain Cash Ca Cashmere Oversized Jumper in Teal Reduced from £235 to £70! Perfect for layering up now and for when spring arrives and there is still a chill in the air!
But if you are localish, its worth a trip. Its a treasures trove of goodies and with NEOM candles on the burn it smells like heaven too!


  1. Ooh thank you! I think you'd like our new range of fine knitwear from Marie Sixtine too - a hint of Spring but perfect for this weather! And reasonable prices - £59 to £69! In store now & online soon! x

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