Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mummy dressed me

Boys clothes.....
So easy to go OTT but that's only if you've found the right shops! When Brodie was smaller I loved bright colours and funky patterns in particular stars. That's not changed so much but now he's a 3 year old toddler with a mind of his own I love putting together his little man outfits that more often than not duplicate his dad.

For boys I find Zara and Next good with H&M offering good basics too. Boden and Gap also have some great items.

Something that I want to make on my blog is a regular Mummy dressed me post. Short and sweet. Not always new items, some will even be a eBay or pre loved find but I thought it would be good to share bargains etc. I will do the same for the girls- why not! But I find it hard to come across anything like this for boys. (Point me in the right direction if anyone knows of anywhere, I love a good blog)

So here's the first-

Jeans, shirt and jumper all by Next. Boots by D&G

Jeans I picked up in the sale for £7, the shirt was full price pre season as was the jumper. The jeans pockets sometimes stick out so I've stitched them in at the bottom slightly. The boots however are a hand down from my gorgeous nephew. We love them! Brodie has a thing for boots!

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  1. A gorgeous little outfit, I love dressing my wee man I think it so much more fun than dressing girls for some reason!