Monday, 18 February 2013

Mumma's gone all hareem. Topshop. Zara and vintage!

Today is day 1 of the half term for us and after a busy weekend we had a chilled out day today, just running some errands and catching up on my new found guilty pleasure of "Housewives of Beverley Hills". 

How lovely it is to have some sunny weather! My garden already resembles the makings of a toy store and it is doing wonders for this winter depression that we are all suffering with. It also means a tad less layering, its still cold but I can't see my breath when I'm breathing which is a bonus.

Anyway just a quick "What Mummy Wore" post apologies on the pictures not being the best today!

Trousers- I love that these Topshop jersey harem's can be dressed up with heels or down with pumps or trainers.

Trainers- These Adidas Stan Smith are easily 8.5 years old and to be fair they look it, but who cares surely thats vintage! I dragged them back out of my wardrobe with the hope that it could help my decision on what I go for next (see this blog here). I'm still thinking the Nike Blazers!

T-Shirt- I love Zara for their T-Shirts. I have a few and most are prints of the skull variety! This one clashes with the print of the trousers but that's what I like about the look.

Necklace- One of my new faves...New Look

Jacket- This is really old leather jacket that I have borrowed from my mum. Being real leather it keeps you warm!

Scarf- Same as I wore the other day, brought from River Island, more skulls.... Can you tell I have a thing for skulls!?


  1. How old is your mum? If I borrowed from my mum - it would be tragic.

  2. Haha! I am lucky shes a trendy mumma! I won't disclose her age on here as she would probably kill me! ;)