Sunday, 17 February 2013

'Keech' Oversized Wool Coat, Skulls and Spikes

Finally got some better piccys thanks to my sister!

I do love a bargain and for £9.50 I am a happy girl. It can be worthwhile having a browse in some charity shops this was grabbed in Keech Hospice St. Albans one.

Jeans- French Connection bought last year
T-Shirt- Topshop over sized one as seen in this blog here
Cardigan- ASOS monochrome as seen in this blog here
Scarf- River Island, bought last year
Necklace- New look, in stores now!
Trainers- Converse

Scooters.... Micro Scooter of course.

Enjoy your Sunny Sunday! We are back off to the park before a family roast before my other sister heads back North. Yummy!


  1. These are lovely pics and glad to see you ride the scooter too! Thought it was just me who did it round the school playground.

    That coat is fabulous and even better that it's one that won't be see on every Tom, Dick and Harry walking down the street. It fits you perfectly. Glad to see the white Converse out - mine came out today too. Woo hoo for slightly better drier weather.

    1. Oh I love to ride the scooters! I ride one on the way home on the school run often!
      That is what I love Sue... its different and quirky. Yep converse are out again, can you see the dirt now!? I am loving this sunny weather!