Saturday, 16 February 2013

It's in their DNA...

This week was Parents Evening but fear not this is not a bragging post on grades.

Just like any parents we are immensly proud of our babies, but we are also amazed at just how different each one is. 

Isn't is just so incredible how varied personalities form in the womb from the very same DNA? 

Baby boy is painfully shy amongst anyone he doesn't know, some may say hes a mummy's boy- I don't care. He has however made a break through and is opening up at pre-school, taking part in snack time, chatting, smiling and telling us often of Ben. We have no idea who Ben is. Its only taking 6 months. If you give this boy a rugby ball or a football he's a happy chap, often tucks them into his bed. He will break hearts when he's older with his dads looks and enviable long eyelashes.

Eldest daughter is a bright spark who loves her writing and books and you will often find her googling Van Gough. She knows what she wants and the glasses she chose herself suit her geek ways down to a T and she loves that. Rapidly developing a pre-teen personality who loves to throw a outfit together herself, but at only 7 I'm not trying to not let her grow up too quick. (Famous last words) She's the most caring and loving eldest sister we could of hoped her to be, she must have inherited that from me! She blows us away.

Then there is our youngest daughter. Like her father she's laid back so far she's horizontal, that along with the attitude of her mother and a vivid imagination, she will always produce a classic one liner. She has the girliest look about her but you she's far from it. Her confidence amazes us and one of our proudest moments was seeing her unfazed walk out as football mascot. Happily shaking hands and running off to the goal to take part in the game. If she has something to say, she will say it. She gets that from her Dad too.

Children can often push the boundaries but when you take a moment to look at them you are reminded just how incredible they are. I find it simply amazing how life is created so differently even when you can look so alike.


  1. Oh - they are all gorgeous. I particularly love the last pic with youngest daughter against the blue door.

    It is amazing how different one sibling is to another. My two are chalk and cheese. Ben is calm and quiet unless incited to rage by George. George is cheeky and noisy and stubborn and noisy and likes to wind up Ben. World wars were more peaceful than having them two in the same room.

    1. Ah thankyou Sue. That last picture was one that was taken for/by Toby Tiger. I will share some more in the week, I love every photo that they took! Captured the girls so well.

      Chalk and cheese is going on in this house right now. Thank god its sunny today so we can get back out again!