Monday, 4 February 2013

It's been a while

A friend has been nagging me to get back into blogging. Not sure really why I stopped.

Lots of excuses really, but maybe she is right. I will try again!

So much has changed (yes again!) and I now have time at home what with the baby no longer being much of a baby and at pre school. Of course this time is then engulfed with ironing, cleaning, coming up with new ideas for the slow cooker and then that "day" which is actually only a few hours at home is done. Gone. Finished!

This is not everyday though, I would like to point out and whilst I've indulged in a breakfast coffee at Luton Hoo (I don't actually do coffee, although I have a lovely coffee machine at home!) my time is not all social time. But wouldn't that be lovely!?

I've thought about what I actually have to write about these days. The baby stage is done so that's not going to attract to anyone on the prowl for a buggy review or what changing bag war I'm in.

So that leaves me with a now 7 yr old who has a tween stage going on, a 5 yr old who is still very much battling girly vs tom boy with a line of boyfriends and a painfully shy 3 year old. He does talk honest... Outside of home however "looks" are his speciality.

Then there is me, still enjoying a somewhat on the fence view of fashion with no particular belonging to any look and my new found love for budgets. The year 2013 is now well underway and this year I've earmarked with lots of goals. I am feeling fairly on track with these so although its early days I am feeling positive. Oh and I'm not talking a ban on chocolate or anything. That's should stupid.....

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