Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grey Oversized T-Shirt

For some reason I keep searching for oversized T-Shirts.I don't know why as I have a few that I really like.... A classic case of a "womans never happy".

In  particular I keep looking for the perfect grey oversized t-shirt, "Why?" I ask myself when I already have one hanging in the wardrobe just like this.

Actually re-phrase that. I have this exact one from Topshop! But its not got the perfect neckline that I am looking for. Did I really just say that? Yes I did.... Its looks brill with my Topshop chunky silver chain necklace I have but its still a bit #meh for me. I pull it off its hanger most days, but more often than not recently its gone back in. I love a good T-Shirt with skinny jeans, so this one is really getting neglected.

After giving up on browsing the internet further for another grey t-shirt I decided to look for another funky necklace. I always like something original and I came across this beauty on Etsy. Very original and so cute with the stars, however its in the US so its not great for someone as impatient as me!

New look however have a great 'Buy One Get One Free' on their necklaces so you are spoilt for choice. I like this lovely Blue Triangle Stone Gold Necklace and it would pop out nicely against the grey with a bit of a funky edge.

But I also love this Neon Pink and Gold Tribal Necklace not really a issue on the basis one is free!

So maybe that would be my problem solved, I don't need a new t-shirt. I need new jewellery!


  1. You cannot beat a good t-shirt. Total wardrobe staple *logs onto Topshop*
    We're on a house mission at the moment so are spending money on drainage and bricks..... but am sure there's some budget left for the perfect T! Nicky XX

  2. Oh Nicky it would be rude not to right? Surely you could claim that you need T-Shirts to relax in after some hard work!? x