Thursday, 14 February 2013

For my husband

With today being Valentines I wanted to dedicate a blog just for you- my husband. We had our date night last night which is very rare for us and it was lovely. We spoke about our first Valentines together in the Lake District 8 years ago and as we sat chatting about our funny stories. I couldn't help but look at you and feel so lucky.

I look at you everyday and fall in love with your eyes all over again. Even when you have annoyed the hell out of me, damn you and those eyes.  I love to hold your hands or even just look at them, I always did love your hands- its crazy. Don't get me started on your lips and yes I know what you are thinking Matt "I don't kiss them enough!"

You makes me so incredibly proud and how hard you work to make things better for us in life.

You are an amazing father (no really he is). Yes you have your faults like most men do but when it comes to our children you adore them. Housework on the other hand is not a pro point for you. (Your clothes pile still needs sorting out)

More importantly you have stood by me through thick and thin. When most around me were at a loss during my lowest depths of post natal depression you were the most patient, understanding and caring man any woman could hope for and for that I will always be so thankful. You made me see things clearer.

I love that you treat my family as your own and look out for my sisters as if they are your own.

I owe you so much.

So Happy Valentines Matt. I may not always show just how much you mean to me, but damn boy I freaking love you to the end of the universe and back. 

You really are my rock. Look how far we have come and we have so much more to look forward to. 

When I read "Today I married my Best Friend" poem after we said our vows, I meant every word. 

Together nothing can stop us.

Your loving Wife.