Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cyber Zombie

After a busy Sunday I finally have sat down for my ritual of reading the Sunday papers and one article has caught my eye.

"Are you a smartphone addict?"

Well ummm perhaps yes. I have most of the classic signs the Martha Roberts reports on and I will admit to the reading with child/checking phone multitasking.

-Phone always in full view (glances to the windowsill, check!)
-Never on silent, even at night (I have mine on silent!)
-You sleep with phone charging at your bedside (Check)
-Whilst out you are out you are checking your phone (Check)
-Defensive when you are challenged on said amount of time on phone. (Kind of check)

As for the 6.51am wake up first phone check before tea and toast I will hold my hand up to that too, however sometimes I beat that time. My record so far is 6am and to be fair I do have a daughter who thinks (like the devil) that its a reasonable time to wake Mummy up and I would be pretty sure when the three of them were tiny I was a 2am checker whilst on feeding duties.

Even when I looked up over the YOU magazine to read out some uncanny parts to my husband I found that he's watching Top Gear and YouTube clips on Facebook at the same time. Oh and it's entirely possible to watch both at the same time of course. This is multitasking that a man can do.

Thing is recently I have been without my iPhone. Its gone and it's been a shock to the system. I have been relegated to a older much slower HTC model, it's touchscreen though don'ch ya know. The only contacts I have are those who have been in contact with me. However being much slower it has the tendency  to force closes any task or app you ask of it, so therefore I have pretty much given up looking at it. For instance today I spent all afternoon without having looked at it, yesterday I had it switched off even! However today I did have a quick look on my sisters Kindle Fire HD to check out Zara, so does that counteract time spent away from the smartphone? It was only 5 mins, honest!

With my phone upgrade looming (If I finally choose a Note 2 or not in case anyone's interested) will I return to my old ways? I am hoping not but I fear its inevitable. Martha Roberts refers to a Nicholas Carr who said he felt more of  human being and its true I do feel better for it.

So here's hoping I can continue on what feels like rehab from a smartphone. It's like I am being weaned off, as after all my HTC is a smartphone its just not that smart. Either way... Martha...good luck!

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