Thursday, 7 February 2013

Coat mission completed

Just a quick post with a update on mission coat.

As I said.... Dog with a bone!

So today I dragged my poor boy on his day off school to a mission of Hertfordshire. A brief mooch in the Harpenden charity shops come up trumps with brand new wetsuits for our impending holiday in Cornwall but alas no oversize coats with the look I was after.

Roll on to St. Albans and the Keech charity shop came up trumps.

The reasons for choosing to search charity shops were
1) originality
2) as close to 100% wool as I can
3) price!!

So why when I find two coats that I liked couldn't I decide which to buy!? The old me would have brought both as after all at £9.50 each (yes really!) they were super cheap. The new me is super budget conscience and despite the approaching and never ending "beast of the beast" freeze heading back this weekend I don't ^need^ two coats in one day!

It's all about being sensible girls.....

It boiled down to single vs double breasted buttons and the fact my hair matched the burgundy best! I liked the fact that its going to stand out more than greys and that it was going to match the line in my converse. I know.... I know....

Oh I almost forgot I also bagged myself a lovely Precis blouse for £3.50! I'm considering another customisation on this but I will do a outfit blog on it over the weekend!

The pictures below are literally the ones I bombarded my sister with for opinions, something I will often do when shopping alone! Any UGG haters hold fire on comments, today was cold!

Anyone spot the 3 year old entertaining himself with hats!

Mission coat accomplished I took the cheeky monkey to the Bakehouse for his favourite lunch of macaroni cheese. Anyone local to St. Albans simply have to check this place out! It's great for a catch up with friends. Mornings are definitely mums and babies or toddlers as they have a space out for toys, afternoon more laid back and they even do wine and cheese evenings!

So anyway only a quick one.... Outfit posts to follow!

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