Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Splash of the Yellow Trend...

It would seem that I can't run a quick errand in town without having to stop in Primark. I don't often go into town so it would be rude not to. I picked up some treats for me which I will blog on later and saw a few more bits that I would have loved. I even picked up some ASH navy copy trainer wedges, they may however go back. With three children in tow getting rapidly fed up of my indecisiveness I had to hurry along.

I am really liking all the tapestry bits that I keep finding everywhere and these boots which have been in the high streets at a much higher cost are so cool! I need them in my life, in fact the wedges may go back for these, I heart these!!

I also loved this backpack. My husband hates them, he reckons I look like a tourist. He is wrong of course. I also really like the khaki shirts that have the western tapestry work to the shoulders, I would have got a pic of that but by now the children were getting tetchy!

So what am I wearing on a beautiful sunny day? Yellow of course. I don't feel quite like I can fully tap into the yellow trend, so this bargain £4.50 necklace from the "Roam" section in New Look stores compensates for that. Yellow and grey really are a fave combo of mine.

I've even got the sunglasses back out, these were from Next last year for anyone that can't stretch to the Ray Ban price tag!

The sweatshirt is Topshop and I like the quirky bit of crotchet to it.

The jeans that I am wearing are Replay and were brought on my honeymoon in Venice just over 7 years back and I love them so much. The shop assistant was horrified when I asked for them as they were men's, but I find that they give the best "boyfriend" look with how they sit on my hips. Having had them for so long and getting so much wear from them, they are giving a true worn look!

The white converse have come back out to play today...

Thrown in with a lil bit of leopard print I am sorted. This was brought at the Clothes Show so no high street brand to it but it was a bargain and its that gorgeous oversize crinkly style. 

Have a great day and I will be back to fill you in on my Primark haul later!


  1. oh gosh you look good - I love those jeans and I LOVE that necklace against the grey - this is beyond perfect


  2. LOVE those jeans and that necklace is super cute as well. Have a pair of shoes from Zara last year that it would be just be perfect with. Can't wait to see the rest of your haul. Kat

  3. Thanks girls! The wedges are winning! x

  4. I love the jeans - exactly how they should be worn. I'm waiting to see your haul too!

  5. Trying to get the photos of my ancient phone!!

  6. Saw you blue wedge trainers too today. £15 - bargain!