Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dip dye and studs!

My love of clothes has hot a all time high and being a stay at home mum means eBay and DIY are close to my heart.

Yesterday was a day of bleach and studs!
First up was a revamp of a h&m sleeveless shirt. (gold press studs from eBay)....
Next up I began the bleaching process of two denim shirts. One sleeveless and one with sleeves. It was a lengthy and messy process... Patience is not my best quality. But it paid off!
I finished off the sleeveless shirt with the eBay studs.
I'm pretty chuffed with the results and for a 90p essentials bottle of bleach and some £3.75 eBay studs i have 3 revamped tops!!

1 comment:

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