Monday, 13 August 2012

A bus trip with children!

Who said a bus trip had to be a stressful occasion?
Having more time at home with mu babies means I can no longer use the "another day" darling excuse. Particularly so as the bus stop is just outside our house!
For £3.50 return I took the little darlings on the bus to town, I even let the eldest take her baby complete with 3 changing bags and pram! Talk about a chilled out mama!
What's more it killed a few hours, it meant I got around the shops in calm with the promise that we would get the bus home (bless-still young enough to realise there was no other way home) and we even bought eggs to make cakes this afternoon.
Lesson learnt today- being a calm happy mummy works. The kids loved such a simple treat!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Meal planning thoughts...

As a mum of 3 growing children and a wife to a husband that eats large portions I find it hard to keep track of a sensible food shop.
Don't get me wrong we eat what I would call pretty healthy, lots of fruit and veg and I rarely allow any treats. (mean mummy!)
Since being back at home I've really got into my Jamie Oliver cooking which I am enjoying and finding it helps keep track of a sensible spend.

However any top tips to add to bulk freezing for example are much appreciated.
Fruit picking was a good idea as it meant a affordable day out and some fresh fruit in one. Bonus.

Similarly in the world of apps what is recommended? You can't beat a good old pen and paper but if there is a great app worth having all for it- please share!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dip dye and studs!

My love of clothes has hot a all time high and being a stay at home mum means eBay and DIY are close to my heart.

Yesterday was a day of bleach and studs!
First up was a revamp of a h&m sleeveless shirt. (gold press studs from eBay)....
Next up I began the bleaching process of two denim shirts. One sleeveless and one with sleeves. It was a lengthy and messy process... Patience is not my best quality. But it paid off!
I finished off the sleeveless shirt with the eBay studs.
I'm pretty chuffed with the results and for a 90p essentials bottle of bleach and some £3.75 eBay studs i have 3 revamped tops!!

I'm back!

It's been a year and what a year it's been! Had a dream job but realised I had my dream job right at home all along!
So back to the full time crazy life of mummy!
Now let's begin....