Thursday, 7 October 2010

Yummy Mummy?? Of course!

5am the alarm went off! Thats early even by having 3 children standards!

But up I got, not to eagerly I have to admit! I through myself into making myself look semi-decent, well as decent as 5am in the dark and without waking the kids allows! I even somehow survived without my morning cuppa char!

The night before had involved deep thoughts as to what we would wear. What make-up shades and whether the lady gaga or mac red lippy would make the cut.

Mock up outfits for baby boy hung around my room like a babys boutique!

Of course we had to match so I went for the fail proof white oversized box tee, dark skinny jeans and the ever so in brown riding boots. I glammed it up a tad with a pearl bead and flower headband!

Following boring fellow facebook users of baby boy's outfits that I had shortlisted, we went for the checked hoody and jeans. Gorgeous! Sorry to say that my favourite Boden items right now lost out to H&M and Next. ( These are the three stores I find best for boys! Its tough finding something that doesn't have winnie the pooh across it or cost as much as my clothes! But will save that saga for another day!)

Baby boy didn't know what hit him when I bounced in with a cheery morning call! Also looking a bit better than normal at the awful hour thanks to alot of help from MAC! Got him dressed and fed in record time, leaving a bewildered hubby with the girls demanding brekkie. I set off for my best mate, every girl needs a hand held!!

Got to said best mates after getting stuck behind every slow driver going! Baby boys future wife looked ever so cute and baby boy protectively held onto her maxi cosi most of the journey! It must be love!

Once we hit central London I remembered just how much I hate my husbands amazing sat nav! Amazing it is not, why not just say the second left or no wrong lane...

We eventually emerged the other side of london in the leafy suburb of wandsworth. After of course much stressing on my part and much calming on my best mates ''they won't start without you'' was a very much used phrase..... ''yeah right'' was mine! See we all need a bezy, even if mine is crazy i love her!

Car was promptly dumped in the most suited space and we assembled matching Bugaboo's (can you tell I had a influence on her choice of pram!) as fast as we could! Quick hopped it to the playground as the grim dark grey clouds held out.

We were a hour late in total after the three hour nightmare journey, but all stress faded when we met a smiley Tania from Pink Lining, what a lovely lady! I got to have a chat with the original yummy mummy Charlotte herself ( creator and owner of all things PL) and of course another lovely lady! Was great to put a face to the name and lovely ones at that!

I have to admit that I felt slightly better knowing that I was not last to arrive. But that soom diminished after the yummy mummy that arrived shortly after announced that she had food poisoning but yet still looked that good!

I got to choose my bag ( grey bows satchel in case you are wondering!) and then it was baby boy's time to shine, while I tried!

He sure did shine and made me proud. Of course as with all babys he was more interested in the things he couldn't have! The shiny FLIP camcorder for instance! But hopefully they got the shots! Another yummy mummy with her gorgeous baby girl ( and gorgeous hat too! I love a good winter hat!) was super kind and knew the tricks to get baby boys attention! (So thankyou to you)

The grim grey clouds thankfully held out on us ( I was especially glad as in the rush, left the umbrellas, coat and raincover in car!) and the playground was surrounded by gorgeous autumn leaves, it made a perfect setting for the shoot.
We were super lucky and got to take away a fab Flip camcorded too! They are superb little things, every mummy needs one!! They record in HD, are as small as a phone and incredibly easy to use! Mine will be sure to get lots of useage. I can easily keep in the handbag and maybe actually get to capture the school plays and sports day! So simple to upload to the computer, no wires needed just flip out the usb!

Hubby of course was very pleased that I came home with something for him to play with while he pretended to listen to my chit chat! In fact he had unwrapped it himself and got first go! The cheek! Of course we now have to get a hdmi cable to connect to our yes you guessed it HD tv

We are yet to see the end results and I am eagerly waiting for the email ( que hotmal and a lot of F5 F5 F5 F5 useage!). Of course I will update you with pictures when I get them... if I like them! I guess at some point I will get to bore you with my new videos too!

In the meantime I get to be organised and look good with my gorgeous new bag! Thankyou PinkLining and FLIP!

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