Saturday, 2 October 2010

Women don't get it easy.....

'Yeah right' you can hear the men say.... go on roll your eyes too....
No really we don't!

Today has consisted of not much, play, not much, make a cake (well half make it, its sat waiting to be iced!) do bathtime bits, put kids to bed, eat and sit in front of x factor! I have fully taken advantage that its Saturday.

Why? Because I'm in agony-say no more! As if childbirth wasn't enough we have a monthly snippet to remind us that yes women get it bad, thanks for that lord!

But I will comfort myself in the fact that he knew us women could take it! We are hardcore...

I think the highlight of the day was possibly discussing a vasectomy with my mother in law, was rather amusing watching her tell hubby he needs to sort it out! So now not only does he have me nagging his mums joined in! Poor guy!

I do think that shes panicking that 3 will become 4 and actually my mum is too! But don't worry no number 4 is on the cards OR planned, for that matter!

Bedtime consisted of arguing that eldest daughter doesn't need her ears peirced and no I won't straighten your hair every day for school... The younger one argued over which football kit she was going to wear to bed! A meltdown followed when one Everton sock (hubbys involvment) wasn't showing the pink writing, after tears and tantrums she realised that the simple folding over the top was actually quite funny and the sock was not 'broken'.

So all was ok again. Phew.

Baby boy just babbled about in his coat trying to coax me in. mamamamamam....

Damn he knows I am a sucker! I laid in bed for ages last night before falling asleep trying to think of which outfit he will wear on Tuesday ( Pink Lining model comp) sad I know! I can't help it! Still on a quest to find a coat that doesn't make him resemble a british bulldog! Winter will be over by the time comes!

So thats it here I am looking a pretty sight PAH! I have X-factor on the sky plus ( now thats got to be high up on every mums priority list!! UP, Igor, Snow White... all at the touch of a button! Erm yes I admit Eastenders and Neighbours takes up storage!)

So yes I get to skip all those endless adverts... no I don't need tenna lady thankyou... and no I don't care for a Coffee Maker. 

Tea for me!

And as I am sat here alone I guess thats my call to make my OWN tea!! Thats the hubbys job!

Not even a bit of chocolate to go with it! This is bad times!

Wonder if anyone will notice a slice of cake missing tomorrow when they blow out the candles......

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