Monday, 25 October 2010

Support your locals!

Just wanted to share about a great baby shop thats opened up near me! I'm a firm believer in supporting local buisness' and use my greengrocer and local post office/shop daily. So when I drove past and saw this little gem I had to go back for a nosy!

Minus one kiddy (with Nana!) and with the hubby in tow a trip to the shop would be a breeze so I took full advantage!

I'm on the hunt for a footmuff to keep baby boy warm and have been eyeing up the new 'BuggySnuggle' designs so was chuffed when these were displayed in 'Baby Years' window!

As soon as we walked in the customer service was superb, its not a big store by no means BUT its a aladdins cave!

Skip Hop, Pink Lining, Micralite, OiOi, Avent just to name a few!

The products that they have are superb and endless!!

The store is set up by a Mummy and Daddy so they know just what we want and what we are going through!

What was really nice was I didn't feel pressured at all into buying something despite how I had a good nosy at the 'BuggySnuggle'. They were even kind enough to take off display, unravel out of packaging and show me just how good the product was!

I'm really impressed with the changes that they made and the hookover seems the best by far! Just need to decide on what will match my black xt best.

I have my choice narrowed down to three and this is the best bit 2 of the 3 were not in stock (they sold a lot last week) so they are calling me when they are in so I can pop along take a look and decide!

Goto think carefully as I will need it to match my next project too!

Now that is customer service! I will for sure be going back to them.

They have a website to give you a taster but not all the products are on there at the moment. However.... they take PAYPAL!

I have been saying for some time what the small town thats booming with familys needed and its great to see that they have pulled it off!

PS- they didn't know I'm writing this, its by no means a plug for buisness I was genuinely impressed and had to share!!

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