Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Searching for a new car is stressful...FACT!

So just a little update!

The verdict on car is a whopping £3,500 damage! Yes you did read that right and no its not a typo! So of course its a write off as thats £1,500 more than the car was worth!

So now the search of a new one commences! Oh and minus my £450 excess!!! Tight budget!? YES!

The twat idiot that wrote off my car had apparently hit someone else first, drove off, hit mine and then hit another car, twice!!

Fled the scene but thankfully or maybe not quite so lots of witness' and cctv! Police have now got the case and the van was insured in my town but registered to someone else elsewhere.... great.

So for now letters have been sent.... yes i know! Ridiculous! I have had to pay out the excess, which I won't be recouped on for a long time yet :-(

We have just one week left with the courtesy car, I will cry when that goes back! Spot of luxury!

Hubby is on shiftwork so the search is left to moi! Now don't get me wrong I have some savvy but geee on a tight budget, tight timescale and trying to avoid con artists! This is no fun at all and the spot breakout has proven it!

On top of all that the cat is missing! Why I let us get a cat I don't know....

This will be his 4th night out which is very unlike him. I have done the crazy lady calling with a spoon and food bowl up and down the road to no avail. The kids now believe that hes on a holiday with his mate across the road. I on the other hand am terrified that its not a case of shut in shed and a rather nasty twist.....

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