Thursday, 7 October 2010

Plan it well??

We have all had a plan, a aim, a dream, have we not? I did, I still do... to a extent.

I read a blog recently and its made me think....

What was yours? Did it go to plan? Or is it going as you planned so far?

Money and high flying jobs, do they really matter?

I grew up wanting a perfect family. But what is a perfect family? Is there really such a thing? Short answer, no. I may be young and people may look at me and think that I am in experienced. But this face hides alot.

Wise beyond my years perhaps? Life has thrown some pretty damn nasty obstacles my way, but I have also had a good balance of the most amazing things happen.

My hubby and I have gone through more than most couples would that are twice my age. Yes really we have, those who know me well will know this and despite this being my blog I'm not going to air all my dirty laundry! He is my rock without him these past few years could have been very different. We all need a backbone and a bit of support and he really has been that.

Life can be difficult, it wasn't meant to be easy. If it was what would you have to pass on? When my babies come to me one day with questions and in need of support I want to be able to answer them. In fact I will be able to answer them.

Life is a learning curve..

So far I have learnt this..... Don't plan. It won't work well, things are so much easier to deal with when you take it as it comes.

Careers work hard and it pays off but don't forget those around you. Doesn't have to be a high flying job. I have the most rewarding career.

Money will always cause problems. You could be the richest person but be the poorest in love.

Children.... you will never be ready! You will never be able to afford them, even if you were the wealthiest person you will live to your means. The more you have, the more you spend.

Love.... Never take your love for granted, when you have that special person, treasure them. Treat them well.

And as for the perfect family?? I have now learnt I have it. I have my perfect family, happy and in love. My children are my precious gems that I will forever treasure. My husband is my diamond, he shines through what ever the light. I love them all so much.

To think that at one point I was still wanting a 'perfect family', I had convinced myself on something that doesn't exist....

I had my perfect family... I HAVE my perfect family.

Everyday I learn something new and thats the point isn't it?

My mum learnt very well and taught me well. I have my grandmother to thank for that. One day I hope my babies think that they learnt well and I will try my hardest to help them through the bumpy road that they have only just begun!

So don't plan, learn....