Friday, 1 October 2010

My perfect 3

Well I guess I will do alot of talking ( I like to talk) and especially about the 'kids'! So really you should know a bit more of my brood!

DD1 almost 5 has just started school full time so thats new to us all! Shes my little bright spark with adorable glasses and I'm sure shes the next Monet! Her drawings blow me away! Reading is our first tackle! Shes is my beautiful princess and as much as I hate how she steals my make up I love for it! (perhaps not when she broke my new MAC lippy but still....)

DD2 just turned 3 has finally got her place at pre school! Her sister gives her lessons so shes already impressed them with her pen skills! Shes a cheeky one.... going to be trouble with her wit and looks I'm sure! Sings on the loo, in the bath at the table... everywhere! Loves footy! (where did I go wrong!) and has more football kits than her dad!

and then we have
DS the most beautiful boy I ever did see, he's a big boy ( not obese thankyou very much doc!) and will hold his own I am sure! Has the smile that melts anyones heart! I am totally addicted to buying him boys clothes which is a bad thing for the bank!

All in all I have my perfect three!! 3 makes me..

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