Friday, 1 October 2010

A blog???

So a friend come brother suggested I give this a try!? We will see...

Well bit on me.... a youngish mum 25 (lets face it young these days could be 15!) married four years this year! (where did that go!) and three.... yes three (and yes married...yes 4 years) children. I have two daughters one who is a princess in training and the other who stares at danger and laughs! They couldn't be more different! We had a gorgeous boy last year and well I do try not to spoil him but its hard!! He's our last kiddie, which I guess will be a relief to most people who think I am not old enough or look old enough to have three! Yes I really am crazy...

My hubby is amazing, works hard and is a amazing dad..... to me thats pretty rare on the basis that my own dad is a good for nothing......

I'm not going to return to work this time as being a mum and wife is pretty hard and hey i want to enjoy it!

I learn what I can from the best.... my mum of course! She amazes me each day!

I battled depression and anxiety last year and I have my life back on track!

So now for the crazy stuff!

Like any mum I forget the norm, do the norm, but I try not to look the norm! I leave a trail of chaos most days but I wouldn't have it any other way!

So lets see how this works out!
Friday.... swimming lessons looming.....JOY

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  1. Hehe! you sound great :) hi from me..look forward to reading more X