Friday, 29 October 2010

Crazy adventures of Tyler

Never underestimate your cat!! Tyler has been missing a week and a half….until today! Whilst overheating in a changing room full of hyper or starving children at the local swimming pool lessons, I have to admit I almost didn’t answer the phone call with no caller ID. I’m so glad that I did!

What followed was amazing! ‘Hello is that Mrs Mad Lady?’ Yep that’s me…. ‘This is a such and such Vet calling from Hampstead Garden Suburbs’. For those of you who don’t know that’s London about 30 miles from me at home. ‘Oh my gosh, do you have my cat!’

They did! They had thought I had moved closer and we can only think that he had gotten in a van and ended up all that way! A very kind lady had thought he had looked a little lost sat in her garden!

All I can say is make sure your pet is micro-chipped! We pick him up tomorrow morning, the kids are over the moon and I am so relieved that my story that he’s been on a plane on holiday didn’t end in tears!

That’s made my week!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Support your locals!

Just wanted to share about a great baby shop thats opened up near me! I'm a firm believer in supporting local buisness' and use my greengrocer and local post office/shop daily. So when I drove past and saw this little gem I had to go back for a nosy!

Minus one kiddy (with Nana!) and with the hubby in tow a trip to the shop would be a breeze so I took full advantage!

I'm on the hunt for a footmuff to keep baby boy warm and have been eyeing up the new 'BuggySnuggle' designs so was chuffed when these were displayed in 'Baby Years' window!

As soon as we walked in the customer service was superb, its not a big store by no means BUT its a aladdins cave!

Skip Hop, Pink Lining, Micralite, OiOi, Avent just to name a few!

The products that they have are superb and endless!!

The store is set up by a Mummy and Daddy so they know just what we want and what we are going through!

What was really nice was I didn't feel pressured at all into buying something despite how I had a good nosy at the 'BuggySnuggle'. They were even kind enough to take off display, unravel out of packaging and show me just how good the product was!

I'm really impressed with the changes that they made and the hookover seems the best by far! Just need to decide on what will match my black xt best.

I have my choice narrowed down to three and this is the best bit 2 of the 3 were not in stock (they sold a lot last week) so they are calling me when they are in so I can pop along take a look and decide!

Goto think carefully as I will need it to match my next project too!

Now that is customer service! I will for sure be going back to them.

They have a website to give you a taster but not all the products are on there at the moment. However.... they take PAYPAL!

I have been saying for some time what the small town thats booming with familys needed and its great to see that they have pulled it off!

PS- they didn't know I'm writing this, its by no means a plug for buisness I was genuinely impressed and had to share!!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

story of our lives...

You'll never please everyone.
You can try but even if you manage it, you're left exhausted.
Try to be fair, take turns....

So no baby girl you can't sit in the middle its lil miss' turn and yes it is fair!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Beep Beep Beeep Beeeeeeep

The one thing that I love about this courtesy car is the parking sensors!! Now I'm a confident driver and actually don't mind parking either, not bad for a woman driver!

The one thing I love is the sheer panic of someones face when they have a car reversing towards them. Oh how smug am I! No lady I won't stop yet....Stop waving, I have a extra beeeeeeep yet!

We're looking at a new (to us) car tomorrow, it has parking sensors!

I'm sold on it already!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

My nappy hell!

Its driving me insane!! I'm sure almost positive I never had this problem with the girls!???

Baby boy is waking in the night soaked! If I get a nappy change in at the dream feed 10.30pm then its ok-ish.

I'm going crazy on interrupted sleep, I have tried most brands going and I'm bordering giving up!

He's a great sleeper so this is making him really tired now too. Why do these big brands not come up with a 'Night Nappy'??

GRRR rant over!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

OOOh have to share my find! Make me up!

So if you have read a bit about me already you will see that I do love a bit of make up!

I am a die hard MAC fan but like everyone else dabble a bit elsewhere and I do love a good cheap goodun!

My pet hate is mascara that rubs off under the eye... I can't stand it and it looks shabby. The best I have found so far is the dual end L'Oreal ones you can get. The white end gives a bit of oomph and I use the deepest black to try and get them dramatic.

If I'm having a bad day I am loving (at the moment as I go through a lot) Benefits ''Stay don't Stray''.


You only need a tiny amount so you get loads out of one pump. Its meant as a eye primer but I get coverage like the ''YSL touche eclat'' so I don't bother with anything concealer wise.

Now for the best buy!!

Boots own, not to be confused with the No7 products...Natural Collection Pressed Powder.

It costs only £1.99! Bargain! I got the neutral and use this to set the eye prep I have done. Its fab buy and for that price why not try it!

Searching for a new car is stressful...FACT!

So just a little update!

The verdict on car is a whopping £3,500 damage! Yes you did read that right and no its not a typo! So of course its a write off as thats £1,500 more than the car was worth!

So now the search of a new one commences! Oh and minus my £450 excess!!! Tight budget!? YES!

The twat idiot that wrote off my car had apparently hit someone else first, drove off, hit mine and then hit another car, twice!!

Fled the scene but thankfully or maybe not quite so lots of witness' and cctv! Police have now got the case and the van was insured in my town but registered to someone else elsewhere.... great.

So for now letters have been sent.... yes i know! Ridiculous! I have had to pay out the excess, which I won't be recouped on for a long time yet :-(

We have just one week left with the courtesy car, I will cry when that goes back! Spot of luxury!

Hubby is on shiftwork so the search is left to moi! Now don't get me wrong I have some savvy but geee on a tight budget, tight timescale and trying to avoid con artists! This is no fun at all and the spot breakout has proven it!

On top of all that the cat is missing! Why I let us get a cat I don't know....

This will be his 4th night out which is very unlike him. I have done the crazy lady calling with a spoon and food bowl up and down the road to no avail. The kids now believe that hes on a holiday with his mate across the road. I on the other hand am terrified that its not a case of shut in shed and a rather nasty twist.....

Friday, 15 October 2010

Never a dull moment!

So its been a few days since I last blogged! Don't worry didn't run out of things to say just had a manic one!

The highlight this week was quite possibly the idiot who drove into my car and drove off! Yes drove off!

Our house is at the top of a hill, speed limit of 30mph complete with huge speed bumps, the van easily was travelling at 45-50mph!

Me being a nosy mare was looking out my bedroom window at the buliders doing something worthwhile on the road, I saw the van driving up thought.. twats driving so fast! Anyway turned around to put clothes on bed and CRUNCH! Never have I ran down the hideously steep stairs so fast!

As I got out the door he wheelspun off up the road, he caused a lady driving downhill to mount the kerb and she was manically shouting the reg plate at me que manic dash for paper.

Thank the lord for nice neighbours! Those that were home came dashing out and ushered me and 2 point 3 of us for some sweet tea!

Sooo damage??


The wheel was sheared off! It ended up in the middle of the road, in fact if you look you can see where it was dragged there by tyre marks!




The driver was thankfully caught on the travel agents cctv! Unbelievably he carried on into a dead end and caused more damage!

The verdict on my car??
3K worth of damage!!! Result; Write off!

Best get looking at a new car!
But for now this will do!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

OOOOh got my pics!

Well to those of you that missed my blog on the PinkLining / FLIP shoot..... where were you!?
Finally got some pics and they are cute!
What do you think...



Lots more but I won't bore you! The camera has been well used so far, it really is a great thing to have handy! Its crystal clear and no jumpy bits in the picture, true to HD!  Still so chuffed with that and my new bag also!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Plan it well??

We have all had a plan, a aim, a dream, have we not? I did, I still do... to a extent.

I read a blog recently and its made me think....

What was yours? Did it go to plan? Or is it going as you planned so far?

Money and high flying jobs, do they really matter?

I grew up wanting a perfect family. But what is a perfect family? Is there really such a thing? Short answer, no. I may be young and people may look at me and think that I am in experienced. But this face hides alot.

Wise beyond my years perhaps? Life has thrown some pretty damn nasty obstacles my way, but I have also had a good balance of the most amazing things happen.

My hubby and I have gone through more than most couples would that are twice my age. Yes really we have, those who know me well will know this and despite this being my blog I'm not going to air all my dirty laundry! He is my rock without him these past few years could have been very different. We all need a backbone and a bit of support and he really has been that.

Life can be difficult, it wasn't meant to be easy. If it was what would you have to pass on? When my babies come to me one day with questions and in need of support I want to be able to answer them. In fact I will be able to answer them.

Life is a learning curve..

So far I have learnt this..... Don't plan. It won't work well, things are so much easier to deal with when you take it as it comes.

Careers work hard and it pays off but don't forget those around you. Doesn't have to be a high flying job. I have the most rewarding career.

Money will always cause problems. You could be the richest person but be the poorest in love.

Children.... you will never be ready! You will never be able to afford them, even if you were the wealthiest person you will live to your means. The more you have, the more you spend.

Love.... Never take your love for granted, when you have that special person, treasure them. Treat them well.

And as for the perfect family?? I have now learnt I have it. I have my perfect family, happy and in love. My children are my precious gems that I will forever treasure. My husband is my diamond, he shines through what ever the light. I love them all so much.

To think that at one point I was still wanting a 'perfect family', I had convinced myself on something that doesn't exist....

I had my perfect family... I HAVE my perfect family.

Everyday I learn something new and thats the point isn't it?

My mum learnt very well and taught me well. I have my grandmother to thank for that. One day I hope my babies think that they learnt well and I will try my hardest to help them through the bumpy road that they have only just begun!

So don't plan, learn....

Yummy Mummy?? Of course!

5am the alarm went off! Thats early even by having 3 children standards!

But up I got, not to eagerly I have to admit! I through myself into making myself look semi-decent, well as decent as 5am in the dark and without waking the kids allows! I even somehow survived without my morning cuppa char!

The night before had involved deep thoughts as to what we would wear. What make-up shades and whether the lady gaga or mac red lippy would make the cut.

Mock up outfits for baby boy hung around my room like a babys boutique!

Of course we had to match so I went for the fail proof white oversized box tee, dark skinny jeans and the ever so in brown riding boots. I glammed it up a tad with a pearl bead and flower headband!

Following boring fellow facebook users of baby boy's outfits that I had shortlisted, we went for the checked hoody and jeans. Gorgeous! Sorry to say that my favourite Boden items right now lost out to H&M and Next. ( These are the three stores I find best for boys! Its tough finding something that doesn't have winnie the pooh across it or cost as much as my clothes! But will save that saga for another day!)

Baby boy didn't know what hit him when I bounced in with a cheery morning call! Also looking a bit better than normal at the awful hour thanks to alot of help from MAC! Got him dressed and fed in record time, leaving a bewildered hubby with the girls demanding brekkie. I set off for my best mate, every girl needs a hand held!!

Got to said best mates after getting stuck behind every slow driver going! Baby boys future wife looked ever so cute and baby boy protectively held onto her maxi cosi most of the journey! It must be love!

Once we hit central London I remembered just how much I hate my husbands amazing sat nav! Amazing it is not, why not just say the second left or no wrong lane...

We eventually emerged the other side of london in the leafy suburb of wandsworth. After of course much stressing on my part and much calming on my best mates ''they won't start without you'' was a very much used phrase..... ''yeah right'' was mine! See we all need a bezy, even if mine is crazy i love her!

Car was promptly dumped in the most suited space and we assembled matching Bugaboo's (can you tell I had a influence on her choice of pram!) as fast as we could! Quick hopped it to the playground as the grim dark grey clouds held out.

We were a hour late in total after the three hour nightmare journey, but all stress faded when we met a smiley Tania from Pink Lining, what a lovely lady! I got to have a chat with the original yummy mummy Charlotte herself ( creator and owner of all things PL) and of course another lovely lady! Was great to put a face to the name and lovely ones at that!

I have to admit that I felt slightly better knowing that I was not last to arrive. But that soom diminished after the yummy mummy that arrived shortly after announced that she had food poisoning but yet still looked that good!

I got to choose my bag ( grey bows satchel in case you are wondering!) and then it was baby boy's time to shine, while I tried!

He sure did shine and made me proud. Of course as with all babys he was more interested in the things he couldn't have! The shiny FLIP camcorder for instance! But hopefully they got the shots! Another yummy mummy with her gorgeous baby girl ( and gorgeous hat too! I love a good winter hat!) was super kind and knew the tricks to get baby boys attention! (So thankyou to you)

The grim grey clouds thankfully held out on us ( I was especially glad as in the rush, left the umbrellas, coat and raincover in car!) and the playground was surrounded by gorgeous autumn leaves, it made a perfect setting for the shoot.
We were super lucky and got to take away a fab Flip camcorded too! They are superb little things, every mummy needs one!! They record in HD, are as small as a phone and incredibly easy to use! Mine will be sure to get lots of useage. I can easily keep in the handbag and maybe actually get to capture the school plays and sports day! So simple to upload to the computer, no wires needed just flip out the usb!

Hubby of course was very pleased that I came home with something for him to play with while he pretended to listen to my chit chat! In fact he had unwrapped it himself and got first go! The cheek! Of course we now have to get a hdmi cable to connect to our yes you guessed it HD tv

We are yet to see the end results and I am eagerly waiting for the email ( que hotmal and a lot of F5 F5 F5 F5 useage!). Of course I will update you with pictures when I get them... if I like them! I guess at some point I will get to bore you with my new videos too!

In the meantime I get to be organised and look good with my gorgeous new bag! Thankyou PinkLining and FLIP!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Women don't get it easy.....

'Yeah right' you can hear the men say.... go on roll your eyes too....
No really we don't!

Today has consisted of not much, play, not much, make a cake (well half make it, its sat waiting to be iced!) do bathtime bits, put kids to bed, eat and sit in front of x factor! I have fully taken advantage that its Saturday.

Why? Because I'm in agony-say no more! As if childbirth wasn't enough we have a monthly snippet to remind us that yes women get it bad, thanks for that lord!

But I will comfort myself in the fact that he knew us women could take it! We are hardcore...

I think the highlight of the day was possibly discussing a vasectomy with my mother in law, was rather amusing watching her tell hubby he needs to sort it out! So now not only does he have me nagging his mums joined in! Poor guy!

I do think that shes panicking that 3 will become 4 and actually my mum is too! But don't worry no number 4 is on the cards OR planned, for that matter!

Bedtime consisted of arguing that eldest daughter doesn't need her ears peirced and no I won't straighten your hair every day for school... The younger one argued over which football kit she was going to wear to bed! A meltdown followed when one Everton sock (hubbys involvment) wasn't showing the pink writing, after tears and tantrums she realised that the simple folding over the top was actually quite funny and the sock was not 'broken'.

So all was ok again. Phew.

Baby boy just babbled about in his coat trying to coax me in. mamamamamam....

Damn he knows I am a sucker! I laid in bed for ages last night before falling asleep trying to think of which outfit he will wear on Tuesday ( Pink Lining model comp) sad I know! I can't help it! Still on a quest to find a coat that doesn't make him resemble a british bulldog! Winter will be over by the time comes!

So thats it here I am looking a pretty sight PAH! I have X-factor on the sky plus ( now thats got to be high up on every mums priority list!! UP, Igor, Snow White... all at the touch of a button! Erm yes I admit Eastenders and Neighbours takes up storage!)

So yes I get to skip all those endless adverts... no I don't need tenna lady thankyou... and no I don't care for a Coffee Maker. 

Tea for me!

And as I am sat here alone I guess thats my call to make my OWN tea!! Thats the hubbys job!

Not even a bit of chocolate to go with it! This is bad times!

Wonder if anyone will notice a slice of cake missing tomorrow when they blow out the candles......

Friday, 1 October 2010

My perfect 3

Well I guess I will do alot of talking ( I like to talk) and especially about the 'kids'! So really you should know a bit more of my brood!

DD1 almost 5 has just started school full time so thats new to us all! Shes my little bright spark with adorable glasses and I'm sure shes the next Monet! Her drawings blow me away! Reading is our first tackle! Shes is my beautiful princess and as much as I hate how she steals my make up I love for it! (perhaps not when she broke my new MAC lippy but still....)

DD2 just turned 3 has finally got her place at pre school! Her sister gives her lessons so shes already impressed them with her pen skills! Shes a cheeky one.... going to be trouble with her wit and looks I'm sure! Sings on the loo, in the bath at the table... everywhere! Loves footy! (where did I go wrong!) and has more football kits than her dad!

and then we have
DS the most beautiful boy I ever did see, he's a big boy ( not obese thankyou very much doc!) and will hold his own I am sure! Has the smile that melts anyones heart! I am totally addicted to buying him boys clothes which is a bad thing for the bank!

All in all I have my perfect three!! 3 makes me..

OOOOOh I get to be a YUMMY MUMMY for the day!! Thanks Pink lining!!

Roll on Tuesday 5th!! I'm going to be a pink lining model! wahoooo
so photo shoot, a free FLIP camcorder and a freebie bag! well I won't say no! ta very much!
 life left in this tired mummy yet! Will add that to my COMPANY mag and FYEO pics!
(well its my blog! i get to blow my own trumpet surely!?)

school run + rain = GRRRRR

what a crappy weather day! i hate grey! and the wet! ruins my hair :-/
ironing needs doing! and the bathroom needs cleaning.... pink toothpaste has been decorated on the toilet lid! (note to self never let hubby buy the girls toothpaste again!)
need to buy birthday cards and pressys! damn hubby shares same as my sisters! =expensive
his birthday want is a watch which has got more and more expensive as he has sat reading reviews hmmm I may try that one! latest uggs, bag, make up its endless for me!

1st school run of the day completed... well first two dd1 ( in know very mumsnet of me!) goes in first and then its a 20 min wait in car with dd2 for preschool, this usually involves preventing her adjusting all my gadgets or things that turn!

found out last year that my gorgeous gap parker isn't waterproof... not my smartest move!?! and ds is yet to have a coat that doesnt make him look like a bulldog!

A blog???

So a friend come brother suggested I give this a try!? We will see...

Well bit on me.... a youngish mum 25 (lets face it young these days could be 15!) married four years this year! (where did that go!) and three.... yes three (and yes married...yes 4 years) children. I have two daughters one who is a princess in training and the other who stares at danger and laughs! They couldn't be more different! We had a gorgeous boy last year and well I do try not to spoil him but its hard!! He's our last kiddie, which I guess will be a relief to most people who think I am not old enough or look old enough to have three! Yes I really am crazy...

My hubby is amazing, works hard and is a amazing dad..... to me thats pretty rare on the basis that my own dad is a good for nothing......

I'm not going to return to work this time as being a mum and wife is pretty hard and hey i want to enjoy it!

I learn what I can from the best.... my mum of course! She amazes me each day!

I battled depression and anxiety last year and I have my life back on track!

So now for the crazy stuff!

Like any mum I forget the norm, do the norm, but I try not to look the norm! I leave a trail of chaos most days but I wouldn't have it any other way!

So lets see how this works out!
Friday.... swimming lessons looming.....JOY