Sunday, 1 March 2015

London Fashion Weekend with Canon

So London fashion week pretty much takes over and it is coming to an end this weekend. As a pretty fashion and London lover it's pretty insane that it has taken me up until now to even get to the shows. However the uber lovely Canon crew changed that for me and I was picked as 1/4 to go along to a show, learn a bit about photography, Canon and be in the photographers pit. Pretty awesome right?

Outnet had the trend show on and below is a bit of a taster as to what to expect, but if you are as addicted to magazines as much as I am, then you will be pretty clued up that Monochrome, Metallic's, Floral's and the 70s are having a moment!

I had and absolute blast, the camera was amazing, the clothes were amazing and after all this fun I shot off to meet my crazy bunch of blogger friends. All in all a pretty awesome weekend!




Saturday, 7 February 2015

Khaki meets Monochrome

Monochrome and khaki are going to have a moment and I am all for it. Think simple looks with a slick of lippy...sorted.

I have fallen in love with the below. The two tops from Next and the dress from Topshop.

Go forth and replenish your wardrobes!


Thursday, 29 January 2015

The wide leg

I haven't let go of my wide legs since they were last in fashion, so here we go again. River Island have some amazing stripe wide legs which I am pretty sure will sell out as fast as they hit the stores, seeing as every magazine has coveted them. They are not online as of yet but these Topshop ones give you an idea.....

Not only are the wide legs flattering, they are super comfy too. All hail the wide leg!

                                       photo from pinterest

and in case you haven't guessed.... stripes are pretty hot right now too......


Sunday, 25 January 2015


Sunday has to be my favourite day, especially when the husband is off. A day to relax and recharge. A day to take the children for fresh air and some culture.

Alas today he is not and I have a very busy working week ahead, but with my boy cuddled up next to me poorly and my eldest perched on the end making minions with loom bands, I have an even better excuse of staying in bed. Its almost 11am and my lazy self has half dressed, grabbed my coffee, has my white company candle burning, has my new magazine and phone to hand. A lazy sunday morning.

This time has been years coming, gone are the days of having to get up at 6am, feed the toddlers and watch re runs of peppa pig, all the while dreaming of when things are lazier. Those days are very fast vanishing and the times of lazy sundays have begun.

My only issue now is the tower of washing that needs attention and the catch up of neglected housework from

the week. It occurred to me recently just how much life has changed this past year and seemingly without me realising til now.

Quite often reflection only comes when you don't expect it too. Suddenly realisation dawns on you and you get thinking. As a person and as a team we are reaching our aims that seemed unachievable such a short time ago. It drives us forward ever more and helps me realise just how powerful ambition and passion can be. Seven years back I could not imagine how our lives could be right now and yet here I am trying to figure how I pack this tiny suitcase for 3 days away working in malaga. My hair products are taking a hit! We may not have it all, but we are able to have treats, for me my camera, for him his watche, for my children fulfilment.

Where will we be in another year? Who knows. For now I shall enjoy my bed for a few more minutes until the need to crack on with housework becomes too stong to bypass.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Daisy Frames Giveaway!

A gorgeous talented mummy friend of mine runs the most adorable handmade Daisy Frames and the time has come for another give away of hers! She has run this beautiful business since 2010, you must check her out, just follow the link, get liking and sharing. Good luck!

If you're looking for a handmade piece of art for your own home or for a loved one, you've come to the right place - lots of unique & pretty pieces which are perfect as wedding presents, anniversary or birthday gifts, or maybe just something a little special for your own home.

Daisy Frames specialises in personalised nursery decor. Our collections include hand cut & painted wooden letter blocks, free standing letters, handpainted canvases & not forgetting, our original personalised framed artwork, all to brighten up a little ones' bedroom.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bags and Boots.

If its not boots it's bags. My husband would call it an unhealthy attraction, he's probably right in the bank instance. I am of course still totally skint like everyone else holding on for the January payday to hit the bank. BUT magazines are full of new trends for spring and what's coming. For me it's a new bag. (Husband avert your eyes) Get ready for a bit of colour, I have totally fallen in love with this Topshop one below!

I have to share The L Brand......followers of mine on instagram will be aware that I am a style contributer for the brand headed up by the amazing Jen. I will post more soon but in the mean time, find some looks on my six ways blogs here along with some others. The new season is dropping soon! Eeeek!

How amazing are these boots! They are Jones Bootmakers and an absolute bargain of £36 reduced from £120! There are some amazing deals that are far too tempting. I have often passed this store with work and have never popped in for a quick look. They also have a pretty awesome Mulberry-esque orange bag that also comes in turquoise!

mummy wife chaos

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Boy's Got Style

House of Fraser have very kindly gifted us with some goodies for the children, last time around it was my eldest's turn and this time around it's the boys!

So I chose one and I gave him free rein on the next!

I don't think you can beat a white Lacoste shirt, it screams simple style and looks good. He is at an age where we don't have to worry so much on the orange food stains! At the time of his receiving the shirt there was plenty of stock, however they seem to have flown out!!

What I have to say though is how impressed I am with the top that he chose himself, a name it  funky but cute wolf long sleeve t-shirt. I wasn't expecting much when I placed the order as at just £5 I felt perhaps it would be one of the one wash wonders. How wrong I was! It's thick, comfortable, fits well and washed well, it has quickly become a fave of his. Style need not be expensive so grab yourself a bargain!!

Thanks House of Fraser!