Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Coats...Brighten up your A/W wardrobe!

Winter is arriving and my coat fetish is reaching it's peak again! My problem is that I get bored quick but alas, my sister came to the rescue. I love my black Topshop teddy fur coat in black, but this version is just me all over right now. 

A new coat is an easy way to add interest to what you may feel is a boring wardrobe, especially if it is something away from the "norm"

The hubby reckons I have plenty of coats....but there is always room for more!

Plenty of deals about on coats right now too...I am seriously crushing on the below right now!!


Monday, 10 November 2014

The Buffalo Camel Coat. #LAstyleoff

Regular readers of the blog will know that I am always up for a challenge so when I was contacted to take part in this awesome one, no way was I going to say no! Especially that I have been hunting for what feels like an age for "the" camel coat.

So what's it about? Five key fashion bloggers have been given this Buffalo Camel Coat from, we have to style it in the ways we know best. Each of us have styled to our Winter Perfection, and our image has been uploaded to the Facebook page. Now this is where you guys come in, you need to "like" the look you love the most. (The link to vote for me is here) Not to be left out, by liking the image you are entered into a competition to win the coat for yourself!

I have to say that the coat really is awesome. I always speak the truth and only work with a brand that fits within what is me. The material is thick so it keeps me warm and the shape stays put. The cut is flattering and shows the right amount of leg. The belt is also stitched to the side of the waist so no losing the belt fiasco or ending up with one end longer than the other-a serious bug bear of mine. So in all honesty, if you are looking for a seriously stylish jacket to see you through winter, this is worth spending the cash on.

True to my trademark style, I have my bright lippy, sexed up messy hair, statement chunky necklace, faux leather like leggings, ankle boots and of course a funky t-shirt. For accessories of course it has to be my oversize "donch'ya know who I am" glasses and my tassle bag which seems to be glued to every look I rock right now! The result? I call this rocked up glam!

A much needed family day out meant that I got the fantastic backdrop of Framlingham Castle in and got some fab pics with my gang.

Wish me luck and please if you love what you see vote HERE for me by liking the photo.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Annie Haak - Layering Necklaces

I'll be honest, I am fussy when it comes to jewellery. I don't really do earrings and my hands are often embarrassingly too big to fit rings on around my wedding and heirloom rings. I do however love either a chunky necklace or layering necklaces. So when I was contacted about reviewing Annie Haak and I had a look at her site, I was immediately drawn in. I don't review anything that isn't "me", but Annie is.

If you are a fan of-

1-stacking bracelets
2-layering necklaces
3-affordable quality
4-having a splurge
5-looking good
6-unique gifts-the gift wrap is great if you want to send straight on!
7-well overdue a treat for yourself...

then Annie is your girl!!

I quite honestly was torn between the stacked bracelets and what I chose for some time. I did get brave and order a ring too. A total dilemma on my part to try and measure my pinky, but I was brave and went with it. The ring was of course too big for my pinky, but it fits the finger that I wear my great-grandmothers ring on so all is not lost.

The necklaces I chose were true me. An "H" and a tigers tooth. Layering necklaces is a great way to jazz up any bland outfit.

The day they arrived (they arrived bloomin quick!) had been a particularly long shitty work day, so they cheered me up a plenty.

So girls.... enjoy! Share away with friends and family and take a peek at Annie Haaks instagram for lots of inspo. PLUS enter SPARKLER10 at checkout for 10% off (ends midnight 9/11/14)

                                                            initial necklace £29

Thankyou to Annie and her team for giving me the chance to review for you. x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Faux Fur Time

My second six ways feature is up with thelbrand! Now we are hitting slightly cooler weather my coat is back out. I am bit obsessed with coats over the A/W time. A new coat is like a whole new outfit for me, much to my husbands disappointment!

The flares are also back out-makes a change after living in skinnies and they are bang on trend with the right look!

Head on over with the link for more photos and the blurb!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Grey Jogger Quest

I know, it's a catchy title right? I don't know how such a boring colour can give me so much stress. For some time now I have been searching for what is quite possibly impossible. I want a fitted pair of grey joggers, I don't want my crotch at my ankles though. They have to be the right hue of grey too, yes you read that right. Why do I want them? 1- because I can't find them. 2-just because. 3-comfort and style. 4. I love grey

I have had my eye on this Whistles pair for some time but the price tag left my eyes watering. HOWEVER they have 30% off at the moment AND I have a £25 off voucher, bringing them from £75 to £27. I didn't get them though.


Then we have Topshop. £25 and comfy but just Meh. I've tried Zara, H&M and Primark. My Mum has some great ones from Next at £18, maybe I will try them next. Excuse the pun.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"Restlessly Eager"

Firstly I want to thank those who read the blog for such lovely comments on my working mum post. I enjoyed tapping it up and it felt great to reignite my passion for writing, whilst getting support and not feeling alone. It's got me thinking (dangerous I know-s'pesh this time in the morning - delayed train 6.30am) the blog had been neglected really, especially since my love for instagram has taken over. I find instagram such an easy way of sharing my love of fashion and I can also filter the f*** out of myself when I look as knackered as I feel. So its a Win-Win. -note- I do occasionally be brave and #nofilter these are good days!

I digress..... so I've decided to utilise the blog more (I know, light bulb moment or what) as my outlet of being mum. I shall still post fashion druel worthy posts occasionally, but I'm calling this my "getting organised" stage. A place where I shall ramble something that can make some ounce of sense perhaps and maybe others can relate. Hell maybe it will help me relate with me.

If I'm honest I still as a mother of three and wife of one have no idea where I'm heading with life-personally. I realise now that this is because my one wish and aim was to have a beautiful family of 5. So I have what I've always wanted, so where does that leave me. Ermmm no idea (See I'm at the ermmm time of day again).

I'm now at the stage of getting lost in my mind that I may actually read one of my mothers "inspirational and enlightening books", I do wonder if even those can reach out to me though. Bridget jones was the last book I read and I know for sure I can relate to her. Especially with knicker situations. Getting dressed in the dark has reached new levels and inside out, back to front knickers has been my most recent issue. I knew something wasn't quite right.
I'm interested to know, am I alone in feeling a little lost on oneself? I'm seriously hoping that someone has my back on this.

<<Wistful glance out of train window, sun catches my face and I sigh- screen writing maybe? Yeah I know, I'm clutching at straws right now>>

Perhaps I will start on one of those books after all. See how much more confusion I can create within my coffee soaked brain.

I'll leave you with my back to front, inside out knicker thoughts and the laughable issue that someone stole my Costa coffee (hope you liked soya!).

Oh and I cut my hair. With my broken finger. No it didn't go well. Yes it's too short. Yes I feel a wally and actually quite butch.

And yes I'm impatient. (I actually looked that up and it's correct meaning is restlessly eager. That just about sums me up right now.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A chance to win a £50 Tesco Voucher with Smash

Some of you may have seen that I reviewed the fabulous Smash lunchboxes recently and I was suprised to learn that they are a relatively small company that have only just branched out. What I love about the products is that the compartments organise lunch so well, in fact I use one for myself. It's pink and very girly.

The lovely Australian team need more help though... getting the products right is at the forefront of their minds. They want your feedback and for your minutes given to fill out a quick survey they are giving away x2 Tesco vouchers. Great for Christmas coming up right?

Just click HERE to give a couple of mins and enter for a chance to win.