Friday, 23 January 2015

Daisy Frames Giveaway!

A gorgeous talented mummy friend of mine runs the most adorable handmade Daisy Frames and the time has come for another give away of hers! She has run this beautiful business since 2010, you must check her out, just follow the link, get liking and sharing. Good luck!

If you're looking for a handmade piece of art for your own home or for a loved one, you've come to the right place - lots of unique & pretty pieces which are perfect as wedding presents, anniversary or birthday gifts, or maybe just something a little special for your own home.

Daisy Frames specialises in personalised nursery decor. Our collections include hand cut & painted wooden letter blocks, free standing letters, handpainted canvases & not forgetting, our original personalised framed artwork, all to brighten up a little ones' bedroom.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bags and Boots.

If its not boots it's bags. My husband would call it an unhealthy attraction, he's probably right in the bank instance. I am of course still totally skint like everyone else holding on for the January payday to hit the bank. BUT magazines are full of new trends for spring and what's coming. For me it's a new bag. (Husband avert your eyes) Get ready for a bit of colour, I have totally fallen in love with this Topshop one below!

I have to share The L Brand......followers of mine on instagram will be aware that I am a style contributer for the brand headed up by the amazing Jen. I will post more soon but in the mean time, find some looks on my six ways blogs here along with some others. The new season is dropping soon! Eeeek!

How amazing are these boots! They are Jones Bootmakers and an absolute bargain of £36 reduced from £120! There are some amazing deals that are far too tempting. I have often passed this store with work and have never popped in for a quick look. They also have a pretty awesome Mulberry-esque orange bag that also comes in turquoise!

mummy wife chaos

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Boy's Got Style

House of Fraser have very kindly gifted us with some goodies for the children, last time around it was my eldest's turn and this time around it's the boys!

So I chose one and I gave him free rein on the next!

I don't think you can beat a white Lacoste shirt, it screams simple style and looks good. He is at an age where we don't have to worry so much on the orange food stains! At the time of his receiving the shirt there was plenty of stock, however they seem to have flown out!!

What I have to say though is how impressed I am with the top that he chose himself, a name it  funky but cute wolf long sleeve t-shirt. I wasn't expecting much when I placed the order as at just £5 I felt perhaps it would be one of the one wash wonders. How wrong I was! It's thick, comfortable, fits well and washed well, it has quickly become a fave of his. Style need not be expensive so grab yourself a bargain!!

Thanks House of Fraser!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Gwen Stefani- Steal her style

I don't have a woman idol as such, for me that would be my mum. I do however has a serious style crush on Gwen, I love her edginess. She works such a mix up of looks but her personality stays true with each, she creates her own style. By no means am I comparing myself to her (a girl can dream right) but I try to just go with what I like, if I feel comfortable and feel I look great in what I am wearing then that's enough for me!)

Lesson 1- Sunglasses.

Hides many a sleepless night or hangover for those very rare nights out.
Failing the above teamed with a bright lipstick she looks awesome. You could have the plainest of outfits on, but with hair sorted, lippy on and sunnys in place, you look ready to rock your day!


Now this is where I struggle having short hair. Although I've been getting a fair amount of use from my bobble hat! 

No need to worry that you haven't washed your hair in a few days and that the dry shampoo can is running on low

Again makes a very simple throw it on outfit look great. 

The Checked Shirt

If you steal your other halfs even better (I shrunk my husbands-not purposely!) 

Weekends when you want to chill but look like you did care slightly. 

Around the waist in warmer weather or worn with a loose vest underneath. Just make sure you vamp up your lips and wear some kind of statement shoe. Otherwise it could possibly be bordering on just jumping out of bed-even if you did!

A Statement Jacket-

If you need to dress up that bit more, a great fitted jacket, more lippy, vamp heels and simple black leather leggings are faultless! 

Just keep the top underneath simple or plain! 

The Simple Vest-

In the summer I live in these. For winter you absolutely will freeze, so a good biker jacket or faux fur is your port of call!

If you have one where your bra is on show then please remember not to show a greying white bra! I have a thing about wearing black with a white top and a coloured one with a black top.

Black Lace-

I don't think that I need to explain this one? Black is slimming. Lace is classy. Simples!

gwens style

Boots//Brantano Sunglasses//Topshop Shirt//Topshop Vest// Topshop

gwen style

leggings//Topshop  top//h&m  hat//asos

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mummy and Son Looks from the Supermarket! But which one?

If it isn't Pinterest with me, its Polyvore. Today it's Polyvore and I have been having a play about with some great new bits from George at ASDA. I had quickly popped in on the way home yesterday and some of the new stuff looks great, my store sells out pretty quick of what I call the "good stuff" so I thought I would nosy online. The brand is so reasonable and they have some great stuff coming through. I'm not quite yet ready for full on colour just yet, but this mustard top below is fantastic, I really love that whole look below. (Guess what's in my basket!) I'm still keeping in the mindset of keeping things simple and playing up with my lippy and accessories. When Spring starts to hit and the trends start to show through I will do my re-jig of staple items. I will forever like the 60's look which is why I think I love the checks and mustard outfit so much!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Post Christmas Blues....pick me ups!

If you don't have this situation right now....."Who are you!? What's your secret!?" We've all pretty much over indulged over the festive period and are perhaps like me feeling the after effects right now. Crappy dull skin with possible outbreaks looming, bloated, tired, wondering where the time went and perhaps wondering how quickly that next pay day will come when it feels sooooo long away!

I have acted on the above, sorted my hair, got a new moisturiser, drinking lots of water and retreating back to my normal eating habits. I am yet to get back to exercise but I am already dreading it! I feel like my sense of style has gone awol and so therefore have been taking inspiration from the ever helpful pinterest, a great way to recreate an outfit from items long unworn!

The moisturiser is working a treat (oil of olay complete care)!

Need some inspo? Keep it simple and let your accessories and coat to the talking.


I was in need of new foundation but with Christmas leaving me pretty skint, my budget wasn't going to stretch to Laura Mercier or even MAC ( I kind of needed a new lippy too). My sister was raving about Rimmels Wake Me Up foundation and boots had it on offer and you know what, I am really impressed! Great coverage, kind of gives you a glow without looking shiny and yet it feels really light! Thumbs up.

Monday, 22 December 2014

OUTFIT: Keeping it simple in socks

OK I will say it right now- I've been shocking on the blogging front. The reason being that life has picked up at top speed. I have just had the most amazing birthday and I have been spoilt rotten! I have sat on the sofa and have 20 mins to spare, so I figured I would use that to share a post before I hit the new year having not bothered!

I have a real soft spot for over the knee socks and I appear to be wearing them to death right now, that and black dresses. I just picked up this fantastic black denim dress, I love the zip detail and I love how versatile it can be. Jewellery has become my way of making an outfit too recently and for my birthday I was very lucky to add to my Pandora collection, plus get an awesome Daniel Wellington watch. ( told you I was lucky). It's a pretty easy look and if you are not brave enough for the over knee socks or feel that they are just not appropriate then grab yourself a pair of tights and knee boots! I wear my socks with my ASH ankle boots should you wish to go for an ankle boot instead.

My hair being the style it is I always look as though my outfit is complete (don't forget your lippy!) If you're hair is longer, why not loosely curl it or wack it up in a pretty topknot. Your outfit can be as simple as this but it is the details that make it. Enjoy!

Bit of a different outfit image as I was playing about with my amazing new camera! (Sony a6000)